independent fuxion entrepreneur



I’m a mom of boys (MOB for short) who have grown into young men. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I love people. I especially love young people and those who do not have a voice.

I choose to be a champion for living a responsible life – starting with myself. That means being responsible for all aspects of my life – including physical, emotional, and financial health – so I am better able to help people, animals and the world. I can help you start living life responsibly, too.

I would love to tell you more about this journey – so come on in!

why fuxion?

FuXion’s line of all-natural beverages provide the essential nutrients you need to achieve full health. All products are 100% plant-sourced with no chemicals, GMOs, or artificial ingredients.


ready to get started?

As an Independent FuXion Entrepreneur, I’ve built an amazing customer base because of the results people get when drinking FuXion regularly. As part of my team, I’ll help you build your own customer base.


help me work against human trafficking

Trafficking is just beginning to make the news. Trafficking in the United States – the worst country IN THE WORLD – is barely being discussed. This reprehensible behavior needs to stop. We need EVERYONE to join together to speak up against this. The worst traffickers in the United States are the parents – parents who actually traffic their own kids.

Let that sink in for a minute: Parents. Traffic. Their. Own. Kids.

It could be your next door neighbor. Your son or daughter’s friend at school may be getting picked up by her father or step-father and is forced into slavery after school and then has to pretend like nothing is happening.

Join me in getting this stopped. Join me in rescuing these kids. Join me in getting the people the help they need so this madness can be stopped. Once and for all.

More information coming soon on how you can get involved!